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Jobson Da Trindade Frias

Seadrill Careers Jobson Frias

"A company that is committed to the safety and well-being of all employees."

Assistant Driller


Current location:
Brazil - Sevan Driller

Why did you join Seadrill?

I have always had a keen interest in working at Seadrill for what it promoted to its employees via the satisfaction everyone had in working for Seadrill.

What makes someone a good fit for your team and for Seadrill?

The union, respect among all of the team.

What, for you, is the main impact you can have working with Seadrill?

The greatest satisfaction I have is knowing that my co-workers are proud to work with me because I am proud to work with them where our efforts results achieve operational success.

What other types of support do you get?

Great supervision that is always combined with the team giving support and sharing knowledge and experiences.