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Marco Rivera Hernández

Seadrill Careers Marco Rivera

"I have been working offshore for 10 years and to be honest I never felt so glad to be offshore as I am with Seadrill. The quality makes the difference."

Safety Training Officer


Current location:
Mexico - West Intrepid

Can you describe the Seadrill culture?

We believe that we are working for the best drilling company in the world. It’s reinforced to live by the Seadrill values day by day in our tour meetings and general HSE Meetings in order to motivate all personnel to be loyal to the procedures, to do the right thing the right way every time, then come back home safely to their families. Everybody feels proud of working for Seadrill.

What are the people like at Seadrill?

Seadrill personnel are very close at all levels. I mean you can finish your hitch offshore and you are invited to play soccer with onshore personnel and you even find managers there, so that explains what it means to be part of Seadrill.

What for you, is the main impact you can have working with Seadrill?

My main impact of working for Seadrill is to be part of the best in class fleet worldwide, with all the training required for performing with excellence and high operational culture on a daily basis. Being proactive instead of reactive is part of our thinking and feeling.

What kind of opportunities are there for progression?

We believe that Seadrill supports us in order to develop ourselves as professionals whenever we have the opportunity. Our Rig Manager always mentions that we have to be ready for our next position, and motivates us to lead by example and do things right and safe the first time which leads to good results.