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Meine Hoekstra

Seadrill Careers Meine

“I like the mixture of nationalities on the rig, it’s important to find the right match and mind-set to become a good team”

Offshore Installation Manager


Current location:
Africa-Middle East & Asia - West Tucana

How long have you been with Seadrill, and what was your background before joining Seadrill?

I started in February 2012 as an Office Installation Manager (OIM) for the West Triton. Before Seadrill I was an OIM working in Brunei. I started my career in 1990 as a Roustabout in the North Sea, working my way up to Night Toolpusher and then to OIM working all over the world.

Why did you join Seadrill?

I had been following Seadrill since I started working overseas offshore. I was attracted to Seadrill as they have the newest rigs & technology. I spent so many years on conventional rigs, it’s amazing to work on such high-tech rigs.

What keeps you here?

Seadrill is still the number 1 contractor in my opinion. Seadrill has given me great opportunities. The upturn is coming and with that there will be more opportunities.

What’s it like working offshore?

This is all I know, you have to be fit for working offshore, it is a strange world; you either like it or you don’t. I like to be on the rig, it feels like another home. The time off is great also; it’s just a great work-life balance.