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Sérgio Luiz Garcia Sapucaia

Seadrill Careers Sergio

“Seadrill really care about their people, and I truly believe in the way that they run the business.”



Current location:
West Carina Rig

How long have you been with Seadrill and what keeps you here?

I’ve been working here for 7 years now and I’m very happy and pleased to be part of the team. Seadrill runs the business safely, and has the most competent team to do so. They’re setting standards in the industry, and are always ahead of the game.

Can you describe the Seadrill culture?

We have a healthy work environment, where everyone is professional and respectful. Living together on the rig, we’re like a family. We care for each other.

What kind of opportunities are there for progression?

Seadrill invests in developing our personal skills and if you’re a keen learner, the sky’s the limit. They believed in me and gave me all the tools to move forward in my career. I’ve felt supported from the beginning and I know I can count on Seadrill to carry on with this support, just as they can count on me.

What other types of support do you get?

I have ultimate responsibility for the rig, and for the safety of the teams. It’s a big responsibility, but I have support from Seadrill to manage that, and from the crew as well. Support is a mutual thing here.