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What we look for in our people

At Seadrill, we look for people who share our values. People who are Safety conscious, Accountable, Inspirational, Loyal and Proactive.

To apply for an offshore role with us you’ll need a good work ethic, able to gain trust and maintain confidentiality. You’ll also need strong technical, IT, prioritisation, language and communication skills, both verbally and in writing. In return, if you demonstrate a willingness to keep developing your skills, we’ll ensure you have every opportunity to progress.

The application process

Our recruitment process is rigorous, but fair. Everyone who applies to Seadrill is evaluated using the same process:

  • Resume
  • Proof of certification where required
  • CEB Candidate Assessment in advance of interview
  • Interview
  • Reference checks


Will there be any pre-employment checks?

In some regions, before you can start your employment with Seadrill you’ll need to successfully complete our pre-employment screening process. Usually the checks would include:

  • Identity verification
  • Educational qualifications check
  • Professional qualifications check
  • 5 years Employment History
  • Criminal check
  • Credit check


You’ll receive an email asking you to follow a link and complete the online form (hosted on a secure website), and in some cases you may be contacted to provide supporting documents.

All of our offshore roles have one common goal – To Set the Standard in Drilling. To achieve this, QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, Environment), is key. Every single one of our people complies with the Seadrill code of conduct. Whatever their role, department or background, everyone takes pride in maintaining their colleagues’ safety as well as their own, to ensure safe and successful operations.




The roles in this team include Roustabout, Able Body Seaman, Bosun, Painter, Crane Operator, Dynamic Positioning Operator, Deck Supervisor, Ballast Control Operator, Marine Section Leader and Offshore Installation Manager.

Together, they’re responsible for marine activities such as stability calculations, load planning, rig moves and inspections on all lifesaving equipment, as well as preventive maintenance.


The roles in this team include Roughneck, Derrickman, Driller Trainee, Assistant Driller, Driller, Toolpusher, Night Toolpusher, Drilling Section Leader and Drilling Optimiser.

As a team, they’re in charge of all well and drilling activities including well control, equipment functionality and capability.


The roles in this team include Welder, Motor Man, Subsea Trainee, Engine Room Operator, Mechanic, Electrician, Electronic Technician, Hydraulic Technician, Subsea Technician, Subsea Engineer.

Collectively, the technical team is responsible for planning all maintenance activities around an operation to prevent any interruption, and also takes care of any corrective maintenance when needed.


Roles in this team include Translator, Materials Administrator, Medic, Rig Administrator, and Safety Officer.

Making sure that everything runs smoothly for their operations colleagues across the rig, this team has a range of responsibilities. These include liaising with Rig Managers and other onshore personnel, supporting the wellbeing of rig teams, and making sure that rigs are fully supplied.