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Ashleigh Grape

Seadrill Careers Ashleigh Grape

“If you’re looking to be challenged professionally, while becoming part of a great team, Seadrill is the perfect place for you.”

Contracts Analyst

United States

Current location:

How long have you been with Seadrill, and what keeps you here?

I enjoy the variety and the opportunity to interact with virtually every aspect of the business on a regular basis. I encounter different challenges every day.

What’s been your best moment so far?

I was selected to participate in the Seadrill Leadership Programme. This gave me the opportunity to advance my leadership skills, while travelling and forging relationships with colleagues from different regions and departments.

What kind of opportunities are there for progression?

With Seadrill’s global presence your opportunities for growth are not only linear, but lateral as well. Seadrill encourages its people to be creative, and seek out new and improved methods of doing things. Also, the ability to gain knowledge from other departments and regions around the world provides significant room for progression if you’re willing to travel or broaden your scope of interests.

What would you say to someone thinking about a career with Seadrill?

At Seadrill, you’ll be surrounded by interesting, diverse and hard-working colleagues who’ve really banded together to achieve challenging goals. You’ll also have opportunities to represent Seadrill in the community and give back through volunteering efforts.