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Chris Graham

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"Seadrill invests in external training, but you pick up a lot on the job too. I’m learning every day."

Lead Regional Accountant


Current location:

Why do you enjoy working at Seadrill?

It’s quite amazing what the company actually does, with all the technology and equipment on the rigs. Obviously, as accountants, we’re not hands-on with the rigs, but it’s good to understand how they work. I didn’t have any experience of the Oil and Gas industry before I came in, so it’s been a big learning curve, but we do get formal training and development on the industry.

How does Seadrill support your development?

I’m being promoted to a new role, Senior Legal Entity Accountant role in the AMA region, and Seadrill have provided the opportunity to complete the CIMA Certificate in Global Business Services. They’re quite flexible too, so as long as you get your work done, you can take a few hours in the working week to study. And if you want to get involved in a specific area of the business, they’re happy for you to do that, to grow your experience. You can go on rig visits too.

What’s been your best moment so far?

I was looking after the Brazil region when I first joined, so I went out to Rio almost as soon as I started. I’ll probably be going out to Dubai at some point, to meet the team there too.

What would you say to someone thinking about a career with Seadrill?

It’s a market-leading global business, but it’s not like you’re walking into somewhere that’s stuck in their ways. They want to continually improve, and help you do the same, so they definitely listen to your ideas. I can’t think of a bigger or better business to be working for.