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What we look for in our people

At Seadrill, we look for people who share our values. People who are Safety-conscious, Accountable, Inspirational, Loyal and Proactive.

To apply for an onshore role with us you’ll need a good work ethic and an ability to gain trust and maintain confidentiality. You’ll also need strong IT, prioritisation, language and communication skills, both verbally and in writing. There may also be the potential to work in a different country, depending on the needs of the business. In return, if you demonstrate a willingness to keep developing your skills, we’ll ensure you have every opportunity to progress.

The application process

Our recruitment process is rigorous, but fair. Everyone who applies to Seadrill is evaluated using the same process:

  • CV/Resumé
  • Proof of certification where required
  • SHL Candidate Assessment in advance of interview
  • Interview
  • Reference checks

Will there be any pre-employment checks?

In some regions, before you can start your employment with Seadrill you’ll need to successfully complete our pre-employment screening process. In the UK this is completed for us by our partners Hire Right. Usually the checks would include:

  • Identity verification
  • Educational qualifications check
  • Professional qualifications check
  • Employment History
  • Criminal check
  • Credit check

You’ll receive an email asking you to follow a link and complete the online form (hosted on a secure website), and in some cases you may be contacted to provide supporting documents.

Find out more about our roles


Watch our IT video.

The IT department plays a crucial role at Seadrill. Ensuring that our operations and rigs keep running safely and reliably, it underpins our vision to set the standard in drilling. It also enables us to seamlessly integrate our operations with those of our customers.

Our innovative IT team creates new ways to solve problems by exploring and applying the latest and most appropriate digital technologies. Forging partnerships both with business stakeholders across Seadrill and with external specialists, we ensure that our leading-edge Information Technology delivers value for Seadrill and our customers consistently and at the highest level.


With a team of 80 accountants our Shared Service Centre Accounting department takes care of Seadrill’s financial transactions with over 300 Legal Entities, 500 bank accounts in 30 different countries and 150,000 invoices processed each year.

The team works closely with our regional accounting departments around the world, enabling them to exchange knowledge and ideas for ongoing improvement. Working with different areas across the business, our team enjoys opportunities to further develop and tailor their careers.


Across six different teams, our HR department in Liverpool’s Shared Service Centre works to meet our colleagues’ needs across a range of areas, from training, technical training and development and HR data administration, to talent and resourcing, international resource and the development of HR systems.

Training: Working closely with the regional HR teams, the Training team is responsible for enrolling offshore employees in their required training courses, making any necessary travel arrangements and uploading certificates into the system.

Technical Training and Development: Responsible for Seadrill’s centralised Technical Development programmes and Training and Competency system, this team works closely with the operational, technical and HSE functions to determine and set the standards for our global training matrix.

Resourcing: Attracting, screening and recruiting high calibre talent into a variety of roles, this team ensures that the specific criteria of each department are met.

HR Data administration: This team takes care of inputting all HR transactions into the system, together with any information provided by our employees, to ensure our records are kept up-to-date.

International resource: Supporting our expatriate employees across a range of areas, including processing payroll, and health and life insurance administration, this team ensures that all terms and conditions are aligned with company policy.

HRIS: Driving solutions to support strategic initiatives, this team manages and supports the development of key HR systems. They also provide technical support and management information to the rest of the business.


The Strategy and Portfolio Group reports to the CEO and provides analytical and strategic support to assist senior management decisions and develop the company’s long term vision. The team’s customers and stakeholders include the Seadrill senior management team, the board of directors, and regional and functional heads of departments. An important aspect of the group’s work is to challenge existing business norms to ensure the company can continue to stay competitive in a changing market.

The work includes managing projects and completing studies ranging from key capital investment, long-term market analyses, asset purchase and divestiture, strategy, organizational optimization and investigation of new corporate ventures. The typical tasks involved center on problem solving, data gathering, analysis, integration across various business segments, stakeholder and scope management and synthesis and communication.

By design, team members have diverse professional backgrounds in strategy, finance, marketing, contracts and operations.


Our Tax and Treasury colleagues are involved in a wide variety of activity. This includes reviewing Treasury operations and recommending improvements, leading on financing transactions, ensuring compliance and advising on international tax issues.

As well as taking on all the usual Tax and Treasury responsibilities, collectively they inform, influence and lead on a number of key initiatives within the Seadrill group of companies. They’re working to help ensure that Seadrill can achieve its strategic goals within a changing market and financial landscape.

Supply Chain & Operations

With a team spread across 5 continents, our Supply Chain function manages all Seadrill’s sourcing and procurement needs, and is an integral part of our daily operations.
The Supply Chain team’s spectrum encompasses Strategic Sourcing, Procurement, Logistics, Warehouse management and Process Improvement, onshore and offshore, working with the latest technologies available and focusing on improving efficiency and controlling costs, while ensuring seamless operations.

Safety is a priority across every aspect of our operations, and so our dedicated Quality, Health, Safety & Environment (QHSE) experts promote HSE at every opportunity. They monitor the performance of regional fleet operations, implement HSE management systems, and provide a range of advice, assistance, services and solutions to all Seadrill colleagues.

Corporate Support

Based at our London Head Office the Seadrill Corporate Legal Group provides legal services to the Seadrill group of companies, including legal issues relating to mergers & acquistions, joint ventures, finance agreements, drilling contracts, litigation and inter-company transactions.

Other Corporate functions, include Treasury, Marketing, Tax, CoSec and the Contracts and Supply Chain teams.

We also have Regional Legal Counsel colleagues to support the Seadrill Africa Middle East Region. They advise regional management on all legal matters, challenges and risk mitigations, and ensure that best legal practices are being adopted and used.

Internal Audit

The Internal Audit team provides independent assurance to the board, audit committee and management. We focus on the organisation’s governance, risk management and management controls over efficiency/effectiveness of operations on a global scale. Our work can take us anywhere from Liverpool, Brazil, Dubai to Thailand. Working across our global business enables us to understand our business from the front line and share best practices.